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How Do I Clean Carpet Stains From Muddy Dog Paws?

September 25, 2019

Oh, the joys of dog ownership! Obedience and cuddles and soft brown eyes are lovely, but they don’t quite eliminate the irritation of finding a procession of conveniently-situated muddy pawprints tracked over your carpet. 

At BCS, we’ve been handling the unadvertised horrors of canine ownership for our clients for over thirty years. Here’s the lowdown on how to remove pesky pawprint stains from carpet:

1 Remove any dried mud carefully with a handheld vacuum. Be careful not to push the mud further into the carpet. 

2 Create a solution of one part plain white vinegar and two parts water. Spray liberally over the affected area.

3 Blot dry using clean paper towels.

If after employing this very complicated method you’re still struggling with pawprint stains, or if the stains are older and seem to be set in the carpet, call BCS today at 801 561 1730. We’ll have your carpet set to rights in a jiffy.

How Do I Clean Bird Pee Urine From My Carpet?

September 18, 2019

Tweety-pie is adorable with his cooing and chattering, but then he pees. On your carpet. Nice. Or maybe it isn’t your own personal Tweety-Pie that is the offender – perhaps you were innocently minding your own business and a pigeon decided to come in and hang out before going ballistic and dumping his guts all over your carpets and soft furnishing.

Either way, before screaming bloody murder and losing the will to live, here’s the lowdown on getting that mess up off your carpets and fabric coverings.

For urine on a rug or carpet, blot – never rub – to absorb as much of the liquid as possible, then cover with a generous sprinkling of baking soda. Baking soda (bicarbonate of soda is its fancy name) is a miracle product, and it’s worth investing in a Costco-sized crate of the stuff for multiple stain-related emergencies. Let it sit for at least an hour before vacuuming up.

If you’re still left with more bird DNA on your carpet than you’d like, mix together a half cup of hydrogen peroxide (3 percent) and one teaspoon of ammonia (use a clothes peg for your nose); apply to the affected area with a rag and leave to do its thing for thirty minutes, then blot dry. 

For a final rescue remedy, saturate the area with club soda (the fizzy will help loosen and lift any leftover discoloration) and blot dry again. 

If you’re still in dire straits and the above hasn’t quite rescued you from Tweety’s tinkles, give the experts at BCS a call at 801 561 1730. Our professionals will have your carpets spick and span in a jiffy!

How To Clean Car Carpet Mats

September 12, 2019

Well, it’s another glorious summer in Utah, and you know what that means – outdoor grilling, camping, lazy Sunday afternoons spent lounging about on a picnic blanket listening to live music. And assorted grit and grime unceremoniously stamped into your car. How to resolve the situation? Have no fear, in true BCS save-the-day style, here is your three step guide to rescuing your car mats from the worst summer has to throw at them.

1 – Vacuum them. 

Yes, I know this seems a little obvious. But it’s really rather shocking how few people think to just run a vacuum attachment over their mats until the grime has well and truly settled in for the long-haul. Use the hose attachment on your vacuum to detach even the most determined pieces of mountain detritus from your car mats. 

2 – Brush them. 

Using a stiff-bristled hand brush, lay your car mats on the ground and give them a jolly good brushing to loosen and remove anything particularly stubborn.

3 – Wash them. 

Hold on a second! I see you recoiling in  horror at the thought – car mats are much sturdier than you may think (which is why we put them on the floor and then walk all over them), and stand up to the rigors of the washing machine very well. Just run them through a cold cycle with regular washing detergent and leave on a flat surface outside to dry in Utah’s gloriously dry heat.

And voila! Your car mats will be good as new in a jiffy – no need for expensive detailing. Of course, if the detritus has been left on your mats for any length of time or if this all just sounds a bit too much like hard work in the heat of a Utahn summer, give the professionals at BCS a call at 801 561 1730 – we can easily add your car mats onto your next house carpet cleaning and have them spick and span in a jiffy.

How Do I Clean My Solar Panels?

September 4, 2019

Even after dumping an ocean’s worth of snow on the Salt Lake Valley and Park City, Utah manages to maintain glorious, almost-year-round sunshine. And what’s a person to do with all that lovely sunshine? Harness its endless supply of free energy with house-mounted solar panels! Many Utah residents have done just this, saving the planet and their energy bills in one fell swoop.

But what happens when those same solar panels need cleaning? No one really thinks of that while they’re somewhat-piously watching their solar panels be installed, but just like anything else that sits outside year-round, solar panels need cleaning to remove dust, debris and watermarks so they can operate at peak efficiency.

You might think it’s an easy matter of simply shooting a stream of water from your hose at ground-level and clearing off any leaves and dust that have accumulated throughout the year. While this will certainly help somewhat to remove physical detritus, even if it manages to throughly clean off any dust and dirt that have built up, washing with a hose actually creates its own issue. Hose-water (when not polished dry) leaves watermarks of its own and actually causes buildup of hard-water deposits. Over time (and not even that much time), these can create a film or coating over your solar panels that cause them to work less and less efficiently.

There is an easy solution, however, and it involves even less work than lumping out the garden hose (hurrah!). BCS Cleaning Solutions Utah have been solving Utah and the Salt Lake Valley’s cleaning problems for over forty years, and solar panel pickles are no different. 

Our trained professionals will clamber onto your roof to wash each solar panel properly and completely for you, leaving them sparkling and spot-free and ready to gobble up all the energy the sun can shine on them. We use specialist products and tools to give you a perfect finish that will last, enabling you to focus on other things, like how much money and planet you’re saving with each energy bill. You can even schedule our visits to happen seasonally or periodically, meaning you never have to take your binoculars out to check if the solar panels need cleaning – they will be automatically cleaned on your schedule.

Ready to have the uncertainty and annoyance of solar panel cleaning taken care of for you? Give BCS a call today at 801 561 1730 to schedule your FREE consultation and solar panel screening.

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