How Do I Care For My Shag Rug In Park City, Utah?

November 30, 2017

Ahhh! Disaster! Some unidentifiable, nasty-looking substance got drizzled onto your pristine shag pile rug. Is there any way on God’s green earth to get the muck out without resorting to calling in the big guns (that’d be us!)?


There just might be. Here are our suggestions for rescuing your rug (and feeling awfully handy and capable in the process):

  • Moisten the stained area with a drop or two of liquid dish soap or laundry detergent mixed with a small amount of cool water (do not use warm water).
  • Rub the soapy water into the stain with a bristle brush or washcloth. Use small movements to avoid spreading the stain into other parts of the rug.
  • Allow the soap to penetrate the stain for five to ten minutes.
  • Rinse the area with cool water to remove both soap and (hopefully) emulsified stain.
  • Blot with a clean dry cloth or towel to remove excess moisture. Repeat the process if the stain hasn’t completely gone.


If even your best efforts to remove the stain fail, just give the Park City and Heber professionals at BCS a call at 801 561 1730 – we’ll be over in a jiffy to rescue your shag from otherwise certain doom!

Help! There’s a Stain in My Oriental Persian Rug! Park City, Utah

November 21, 2017

Okay, so you can probably tell from the length of this answer, it’s delicate, complicated work that demands patience and care, sooooo if you’ve managed to get something icky on your Persian rug, it would probably be best to just give the Park City and Heber professionals at BCS a call right off the bat and have us take care of it for you – 801 561 1730


If you decide to forge ahead courageously before caving and handing it over to our expert hands, here are some tips and suggestions for removing stains……


What is it made from?

Most oriental rugs are made from wool, but some particularly finicky specimens are made from silk. Which probably sounded great at the time (who wouldn’t want to walk on silky silk??) But (and it’s a Big But), silk is incredibly tricky to clean and really should be cleaned with expertise and solvents. I wouldn’t suggest touching a stained silk rug with a bargepole – this would be the time to immediately call us, no exceptions.


Read the Instructions

It’s always a good idea to read the instructions. And yes, I know – the fact that I’ve included a section instructing you to read the instructions is slightly ironic, but if we’re being honest here, we know both of us probably think we know it all already and are more likely to use the instruction booklet as a coaster.

Anyway, I digress – the point is, unless they’re in Turkish, start by reading the instructions and then always use the gentlest cleaning method you can. This is not a time for elbow grease; it’s a time for soft talking and gentle coaxing of your sensitive little doormat. After all, rugs have feelings too.


Damage Control

Okay, so, silk aside, you’re standing at the ready with your rubber gloves and trusty bucket. At least, mentally you stand ready, with metaphorical gloves and bucket.

  1. All spills should be dealt with immediately.
  2. Carefully remove any debris or material. Be sure to lift it up, not brush it off.
  3. Absorb whatever liquid is spilled on the rug with a clean white absorbent cloth.
  4. Use a gentle blotting motion to remove as much as you can.
  5. Avoid scrubbing at all costs – it’ll just grind the stain further into the rug.


Absorbing a Stain using Talcum Powder

  1. Sprinkle plain talcum powder on the stained area.
  2. Let the talcum powder rest on the rug until dry.
  3. Vacuum up.
  4. If the stain remains, move to the next cleaning solution.


Dissolve the Stain with Plain Water

  1. Fill a spray bottle with plain warm water (or use a deep cleaner like I mentioned above).
  2. Lightly mist the area.
  3. Start at the outer edges of the stain (working inward) and gently blot with a clean white cloth.
  4. Never rub the fabric as it can damage the rug fibers.
  5. Repeat if necessary.
  6. If stain remains, move to the next cleaning solution.


Degrease the Stain with a Mild Detergent

  1. Mix 1 teaspoon of mild, clear dishwashing liquid (like Dawn) to 4 cups of warm water.
  2. Fill a spray bottle or use a deep cleaner like I mentioned above with the cleaning solution.
  3. Mist solution over area.
  4. Start at the outer edges of the stain and work your way toward the center using a dampened cloth to gently blot the stain.
  5. Repeat until stain is gone. Make sure to either rinse your cloth often or use as many clean cloths as necessary.
  6. Rinse the area by misting with water and blotting to remove as much soap residue as possible.
  7. Allow the rug to dry thoroughly.
  8. If stain remains, move to the next cleaning solution.

Deodorize and Degrease the Stain using Vinegar, Detergent and Water

Make a spot cleaning solution with vinegar to remove the stain. Plain white vinegar is a mild acid and natural deodorizer. Vinegar works well to remove coffee stains and vomit stains. Make sure to rinse the stain completely with cold water to remove all traces of remaining vinegar from the carpet fibers.

Test this solution in an inconspicuous place first. Most Oriental rug dyes today are acid-fast and benefit from vinegar and water cleaning solutions. Acidic vinegar helps to bond the dye in the wool in the rug, which helps prevent the colors from running.

  • 1/4 cup white vinegar
  • 1/2 teaspoon liquid dishwashing detergent
  • 2 cups tepid water

Use the same cleaning process steps I have listed above for degreasing the stain with Dawn dishwashing detergent.


Removing Large Stains and Spills

If the spill was rather large, you can take the rug out side and use a garden hose to rinse the stain outside before using the cleaning solutions to work on the stains. Use a fan to help completely dry the area when the stain has been removed. Place it beside the rug allowing air flow over the damp area.


If any or all of the above fail, or you just lost your nerve after the paragraph on reading the instructions, give the Park City and Heber experts at BCS a call at 801 561 1730. We’ll have your nerves soothed and rug restored before you can say ‘I told you not to drink Coke in the sitting room!’

How can I find the best Carpet Cleaning Company in Park City Heber?

November 16, 2017

Intimidating, I know. There are rather a lot of carpet cleaning companies and individuals in Utah alone. Many of them offer introductory discounts that seem too good to be true. How on earth do you know in advance what you’re getting and that they will consistently do a good job?


Aside from asking right off the bat for reviews from customers (which should be clearly and easily viewable on their website or user-generated review sites like Google or Yelp), ask the company if they perform this comprehensive, 10-step carpet cleaning service, on EVERY job:

  1. Pre-Inspection
  2. Pre-Vacuum
  3. Furniture Moving
  4. Pre-Spray and Pre-Spot Treatment
  5. Pre-Groom
  6. Hot Water Extraction and Rinse
  7. pH Neutralization
  8. Post-Spot Treatment
  9. Speed Dry
  10. Post Grooming and Inspection


At BCS, this is our standard modus-operandi – we are finicky perfectionists when it comes to carpet, and we won’t leave until you are bouncing off the walls with joy at your sparkly carpets. Although that may mean the walls need cleaning next….


Give the Park City and Heber professionals at BCS a call today at 801 561 1730 for your FREE carpet evaluation and estimate with one of our carpet experts. Our customers keep coming back because they know how much we care about solving their carpet crises for them.

Do I Need To Replace My Grout? Park City, Utah

November 9, 2017

Aarrgh! There’s some sort of weird hairy blackish growth on the grout in my shower! Disaster! Panic! Certain impending doom!


Well, maybe it’s not quite THAT dramatic. The whole point of grout is to keep Wet Out, but by definition that means your grout is spending its lifetime in a damp place, and weird icky things like to grow in damp places. And yes, that applies even in the usually dry and delightful climes of Park City and Heber.


If you have strange nasties growing on your grout, it’s most likely mold and can be easily banished with a squirt of a bleach solution and a spot of scrubbing.


However, if you have cracks and chips and bits missing from your grout AND nasty ickies on top of that, the problem is a little more serious and needs addressing. And by ‘need’, I don’t mean in three years when your entire family is all gasping for breath from toxic mold exposure – I do actually mean ‘needs addressing’. It is actually a health issue.


The problem comes when the cracks and chips in your shower’s grouty armor leave it vulnerable to the Devil Incarnate – mold. Mold can crawl in through gaps in the grout and grow to rather nasty proportions unseen beneath the surface. And the longer it’s left, the worse it gets.


This is no time for squirty bleach – it’s time to call in the professionals. Namely, us. BCS. Your knights in shining, gleaming, very very clean armor. We will be able to tell you almost immediately if the problem can be fixed with chemicals or if your shower needs to say goodbye to its fair-weather grouty friend and move on to bigger and better things. Namely, re-grouting.


Give BCS a call today at 801 561 1730 and our Park City and Heber experts will be able to tell you pretty much instantly what needs to be done. And then we’ll do it for you, with no rubber gloves, clothes peg (for your nose) and squirty bleach required on your part.

How Can I Green-Clean My Grout With No Chemicals? Park City, Utah

November 2, 2017

It can be done, but prepare yourself for some serious elbow grease….


Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda

1   First, get rid of surface dirt and muck with your regular cleaner. It’s much easier to clean away ground-in dirt if the surface stuff is out of the way.

2 In a small bowl, mix hydrogen peroxide and baking soda together to form a thick paste. The exact quantities will depend on the consistency you prefer to work with.

3 Use an old toothbrush to spread a thick layer of the peroxide/soda gook onto the grout, working in small areas of 1 to 2 sq ft at a time. Leave to set for 5-10 minutes.

4   Using your toothbrush (not YOUR toothbrush obviously – the one you’ve just used for the initial slathering!), rub the paste energetically, as though you were trying to rub it INTO the grout.

5 Coat the next small area with the paste and repeat the above steps, until your entire grout surface has had a scrubbing-down.

6 Wipe off the remaining paste with a damp cloth and finish with your regular cleaner to restore your tiles and grout to a brilliant sparkle!


If this doesn’t seem to be quite enough to evict the grime from your grout, give the Park City and Heber professionals at BCS a call at 801 561 1730 and we will buzz over to take care of it for you in a jiffy!

Prepare for Winter in Utah: Part Two – Windows

October 26, 2017

Between the snow, salt, rain and mud, your windows will take a comprehensive beating during winter, not to mention the fact that colder weather results in higher heating bills. Prepare now to preserve your windows and save money on utilities during the colder months following our easy seven-step guide.


1          Clear window sills of dirt and debris. Debris like sand, dirt or leaves can get caught in windowsills and moving parts of windows or doors. Clean these areas with a dry, firm-bristled paintbrush, to allow your windows to create the tight seal they were designed to and to enhance window and door performance.


2          Check weather stripping. Loose weather-stripping can let cold air in during the winter and out in the summer, which can vastly affect your energy efficiency. Re-attach or replace missing or worn weather stripping around windows and doors.


3          Reapply caulk or sealant around windows and doors. Reseal the areas around windows and doors that may have been exposed to heavy weather or extreme sunlight (we get both in Utah), creating breaks in caulk or sealant, to help cut down on potential drafts and leaks.


4          Installing snap-in blinds or shades. Installing snap-in blinds or shades can help to insulate your home from cold exterior temperatures.


5          Repair or replace damaged exterior surfaces. Water penetration can cause cracked or deteriorated wood, potentially allowing moisture or cold air to leak into your home. Go over your windows and sills carefully to look for signs of moisture leakage and then replace any damaged wood. BCS Utah can recommend a professional to help correct any roof or drainage problems around your home.


6          Install storm doors. Storm doors do just what they say on the tin, so to speak, adding an extra layer of protection and helping to reduce air and moisture leakage. Adding a storm door can reduce energy loss through entryways by as much as 45 percent – well worth looking into.


7          Replace old windows and doors with energy-efficient ones. If you have single-pane glass, clear glass, or older windows or doors, you may be paying more than you need to to heat your home in the winter and cool it in the summer. Replace old windows with energy-efficient, double or triple-pane glass versions made with insulating argon, or install new durable fiberglass doors to help save money and energy year-round.


The window-cleaning experts at BCS Cleaning Utah are standing by to help you get your windows Winter-ready. Give us a call today at 801 561 1730 to schedule your FREE window evaluation.

Prepare for Winter in Utah: Part One – Carpets

October 26, 2017

Between the snow, salt, rain and mud, your carpets will take a comprehensive beating during winter. Prepare now to preserve your carpets during the colder months following our easy four-step guide.


1          Place New Interior & Exterior Mats at All Entryways

Your first line of defense against the damaging effects of salt, dirt and general dampitude is proper mats outside and inside each exterior door. Textured plastic scraper mats can be placed outside to remove larger salt crystals (no one likes treading on a giant lump of escaped salt in bare feet!) and prevent slipping, while indoor wiper mats help get the majority of the moisture off shoes. More is always better when it comes to mats – they will save a lot of seasonal damage to your carpets and save you’re a considerable amount of extra time vacuuming winter debris that escaped the rigors of your doorstep rituals.


2          Reduce Staining with Preventative Carpet Treatments

There are several different options for carpet treatments that help repel moisture and dirt. Any of our carpet cleaning experts at BCS Utah will be able to advise you in the best carpet treatment for you.


3          Increase Carpet Cleaning Frequencies

It stands to reason that in the winter, it would be necessary to increase the frequency of your carpet cleaning schedule to keep on top of the higher levels of moisture and dirt. Your cleaning frequency will depend on the number of high-traffic areas in your home and how frequently they are used.


4          Stock Up on Both Spot & Deep Cleaners

Have plenty of spot cleaners and deep cleaning solutions on hand to deal with nasty messes quickly and avoid grinding dirt and moisture deeper into your carpets. A little preventative work now goes a long way in helping your carpets to last and stay looking as good as new.


Call the Park City and Draper carpet cleaning experts at BCS Utah today at 801 561 1730 to schedule your FREE Winter evaluation and to get your personalized Winter maintenance program moving.

How Do I Prepare My Windows For Winter?

October 10, 2017

Winter is glorious, especially in beautiful Park City, Heber, Draper and Utah in general. But our winters can be harsh, with the dry air, salt, and general precipitation. Even though windows are designed to protect us tender earthlings inside from the forces of nature outside, they need good care and maintenance to keep them in tip-top shape so they can do their job well.


Now is the time to book your thorough Fall window cleaning, to clear your panes of any summer debris and detritus that could scratch or etch into them during the winter. Call the professionals at BCS Cleaning Utah today at 801 561 1730 to book your total window treatment. We’ll have you sparkling and winter-ready in a jiffy!

How Do I Remove Clean Red Wine Stains From My Memory Foam Mattress?

October 9, 2017

It happened. You tried the memory foam/glass of red wine bouncing test malarkey, and disaster struck. The memory foam wasn’t quite as non-bouncy as you were led to believe, or your bounce got a little out of control and you ended up bouncing ON the wine glass. First of all, ouch. Second, oh dear, there’s red wine all over my beautiful (read: expensive) memory foam mattress. Help!

Have no fear – follow our simple three-step guide to getting your mattress clean and white again in a jiffy. And if the mattress stubbornly refuses to hand over its new red wine partnership (I probably wouldn’t either, given the choice), give the experts at BCS Cleaning Utah a call at 801 561 1730. We’ll have your mattress spotless again pronto.


Step One

Cover the stained area with club soda and gently work it in.


Step Two

Sprinkle the entire area liberally with ordinary table salt and let it rest for a few hours. As the salt dries it will absorb the moisture (the red wine) from the surrounding area and lift the stain from the mattress or affected surface.


Step Three

Vacuum the salt from the mattress and you should be ship-shape and Bristol fashion once more.

How Do I Clean Remove Vomit Throw Up From My Memory Foam Mattress?

September 28, 2017

Ahhh, the blissful, cloud-like luxury of a good memory foam mattress. And the troubling uncertainty about how the clean the thing. Aaaand then total disaster strikes and someone manages to throw up on your beautiful mattress. Disaster indeed? Havoc? Total destruction? Not necessarily – the key with a memory foam mattress is to act quickly. Follow our easy five-step guide and you’ll have your mattress in pristine condition again in no time.


And if you’re still having problems, give the Utah and Park City cleaning experts at BCS a call at 801 561 1730 – we’ll have you spit-spot in no time!


You’ll need:

  • 1 roll of paper towels
  • 1 box of baking soda. It doesn’t have to be a new box. The one that’s been keeping the freezer fresh for the past couple of months will work just fine. Just take a sniff to make sure that it smells better than what’s on the bed now.
  • 1 bottle of white vinegar
  • 1 large bowl
  • A vacuum with an upholstery attachment


Step 1) Fill half the bowl with vinegar and fill the other half with water.

Step 2) Gently dab up the liquid mess with the paper towel. Carefully remove any sheets and mattress covers for laundering later. Press firmly with fresh towels to absorb more liquid. Do not squeeze or twist the foam.

Step 3) Wet a paper towel with the vinegar/water solution and dab it where the vomit was. Press gently, then immediately use a fresh dry towel to mop it up. Keep this up until you’ve covered the entire stained area.

Step 4) Pour the whole box of baking soda onto the stain. Yes, the whole box. Spread it out so that you get a generous layer that extends a couple of inches beyond the stain(s).

Step 5) Let the baking soda sit there for a couple of hours. Then vacuum it up.


And hey presto! Order has been restored. Or, if it hasn’t quite, give the experts at BCS Cleaning Utah a call at 801 561 1730.

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