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How Can I Remove Bird Poop Droppings From Solar Panels?

March 25, 2021

Think a film of dust on your solar panels is bad? The caustic ingredients in bird poop and droppings on solar panels can absolutely ruin them. 

Trees attract birds looking for shelter and good nesting sites, so if you have a lot of trees near your home, they will not only shed leaves on your rooftop, they will also attract birds. Neither of these things are bad on their own. We love trees and you’re certainly not going to bring in a chainsaw just because a bird might poop on your solar panels! 

However, both leaf build-up and bird poop cause a build-up of gook and debris over time, which makes it more vital to either clean your solar panels regularly or employ a professional solar panel cleaning services to do the work for you.

Some homeowners choose to try their hand at cleaning their own solar panels. This usually only happens once when the homeowner starts to see the sheer level of work involved! If you decide to give cleaning your solar panels a go yourself, remember that it is always going to be safer to do it from the ground, wherever possible.

However, unarguably the best way to clean bird poop and droppings from solar panels is by using a professional solar panel cleaning company.

BCS Utah has been cleaning bird poop, dust, debris and residue from solar panels since time immemorial. Our customers love our high level of care and service, and the fact that we keep a regular cleaning and maintenance service, so you never have to remember to call us to schedule a cleaning.

If you’re concerned about birdie bombs messing with the integrity of your solar panels, give the Utah cleaning experts at BCS a call today at 1 (801) 561 1730 to schedule your professional solar panel cleaning. 

What Products Should I Use To Clean My Solar Panels?

March 18, 2021

When cleaning your solar panels, the most important consideration is that scratching or damaging the glass in any way will reduce a panel’s energy production. This is one of the main reasons for employing a professional solar panel cleaning company to take care of the job for you, because you know they will use manufacturer-approved methods, products and water to ensure the best possible outcome.

If you’re intent on cleaning your solar panels yourself, it’s best to think of cleaning your solar panels the same way you would clean your car. Gentle dish soap and warm water applied with a soft sponge or clean cloth is the safest cleaning method. You can also use a squeegee to remove dirty water. It is vitally important to avoid scratching or damaging the glass! Replacing a panel will cost far more than the relatively low expense of just using a professional solar panel cleaning company in the first place.

Sometimes you might find oily stains appearing on your panels. This can happen if you live near a road commonly used by trucks or near an airport, and they can be removed with a isopropyl alcohol and a clean rag. It is essential to only ever use gentle cleaning products – avoid using strong cleaning fluids, as they can streak and damage the delicate glass.

The other factor to consider is that the methods above cannot be easily tackled from the relative safety of the ground – you would have to physically get on to the roof to deal with them properly.

For this and many other reasons, most homeowners use a professional solar panel cleaning service to take care of the cleaning of their solar panels. It’s just easier and safer, and can often work out cheaper because the risk of damage is minimized.

If your solar panels need cleaning, give the Utah experts at BCS a call today at 1 (801) 561 1730 to schedule your cleaning.

Should I Remove Snow From My Solar Panels?

March 11, 2021

Solar panels are designed to be outside and to deal with the elements to an extent. Snow doesn’t generally need specialist help to be removed – panels are designed so that snow will usually slide off on its own as it melts.

If it seems like the snow is intent on making your panels its permanent home, you can use a specialist tool like a solar panel snow rake, which makes it easier to remove snow on solar panels without damaging them. Some people make the mistake of trying to use a standard broom or shovel to remove snow from solar panels, but this runs the risk of serious damage, as these non-specialist tools can scratch the delicate panel glass and reduce power production.

If snow build-up is super-heavy, has refrozen into ice or has left a nasty residue, it might be time to call in the pros.

BCS Utah has been caring for and cleaning solar panels in the Salt Lake Valley for years. We will have your shipshape and Bristol fashion faster than you can turn on a snowblower! 

Give us a call today at 1 (801) 561 1730 to schedule your solar panel cleaning.

Is It Worth Paying For A Professional Solar Panel Cleaning Service?

March 4, 2021

There are many options for getting your car washed, each yielding different levels of quality in the results – a hose and bucket in the driveway, a drive-thru car wash, or a full-service detailer. Similarly, there are professional options for getting your solar panels cleaned.

You can absolutely clean your solar panels yourself. It does involve effort, special tools and a certain amount of risk, but if you’re confident, knowledgable and able, this is certainly an undertaking that can be considered.

If you’re concerned about the risk of falling off a roof, damaging your solar panels with the wrong tools or products, or just don’t have the time or energy to be clambering about on top of your house, it is absolutely worth using a professional solar panel cleaning company. Just the safety concerns alone can make this service a lifesaver, quite literally.

Professional solar panel cleaning services are equipped to clean and maintain your solar panels safely and effectively. 

BCS Utah have been caring for and cleaning solar panel units in Salt Lake City, Park City and the Salt Lake Valley for donkeys years. Our solar panel specialists will take all the uncertainty and safety concerns out of the equation for you, cleaning and maintaining your solar panels to the high standards these planet-saving beauties demand.

Give us a call today at 1 (801) 561 1730 to schedule your solar panel cleaning appointment.

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