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How To Clean Wash Walls

November 26, 2021

Most people think about dusting the surfaces of their furniture, but rarely do people consider dusting their walls. Dust walls?!? I hear you exclaim, punctuated with prolific interrobangs. The fact is, walls get dusty. Very dusty. And over time, that dust combines with ambient humidity, smoke residue from nearby forest and mountain fires (this means you, Utah and California), and oils from grubby fingers to leave your paint dingy (at the very least). 

The good news is that dusting your walls needn’t be a cumbersome task. Simply run the dry head of a microfiber mop along the wall, starting at the ceiling and working your way down. You’ll be shocked at the amount of dust, dirt, pet hair, human hair and other little surprises you’ll discover on the used mop-head.

Take note that much of the debris will fall onto the floor below, so make sure to dust walls before you dust the furniture or do the vacuuming. 

When your carpets need blitzing from all that floating dust, give BCS a call at 801 561 1730 to schedule your deep carpet cleaning treatment.

4 Prep Steps For Fabulous Carpet Cleaning

November 18, 2021

We want your carpet cleaning experience to be as efficient, speedy and effervescently wonderful as possible. There are a few things you can do even before we arrive to make your carpet cleaning even better.

  1. Vacuum the carpeted areas to be cleaned. This lifts surface dirt and dust from the carpet and enables our sprays and vacuums to penetrate even further and remove even more dirt from your carpets.
  2. Remove wobbly, breakable items like tabletop lamps and brick‐a‐brac, and place them somewhere safe while we’re cleaning.  
  3. Remove as many small pieces of furniture as possible, such as dining chairs, ottomans, and small tables from the areas you’d like us to clean. This enables us to reach more areas more thoroughly with our specialist cleaning equipment. 
  4. Secure floor-length curtains and drapes at least two feet off the floor using a clip or hanger. This makes it easier to reach the areas under your window and ensures your curtains are protected.

Please let our technician know BEFORE we start cleaning about any cleaning concerns that you may have, particularly about specific spots or stains. Your carpet cleaning specialist is trained in many specialized spot-cleaning procedures and if you know what caused the stain, that will help us to give your carpet more personalized attention and clean it even more thoroughly. 

Give BCS Cleaning Utah a call today on 801 561 1730 to schedule your next carpet-cleaning session.

How To Clean Hardwood Floors

November 11, 2021

Hardwood floors are beautiful and functional. But what is the best way to deep-clean them?

  1. Begin your wood floor treatments by sweeping or vacuuming the entire floor area. If needed, use a vacuum attachment to get all the goodies out of the edges and corners. After the bigger pieces of dirt have been removed, consider using a mop treated with a dusting agent.
  2. Dilute a wood-cleaning product per the instructions on the package.
  3. Using a damp sponge or a rag mop, dip it into the cleaning product and wash the floor with it. Avoid leaving standing water.
  4. If the cleaning product instructs it, rinse the floor off with straight water by filling a bucket with water and using a clean mop.
  5. Wipe up any excess water.
  6. Dry with a towel, or even a fan to avoid warping the wood.
  7. It’s important to note that when cleaning and treating hardwood floors, you read up on any products that you plan on using – make sure they are suitable for your type of hardwood and that you have all of the necessary items to complete your task before you begin.

If the thought of wielding a mop or steaming machine makes you break out in a cold sweat, give the professionals at BCS a call at 801 561 1730. We’ll have your floors spruced up for you in a jiffy, with not a mop-bucket in sight!

How To Clean Ceramic Tile Floors

November 4, 2021

Ceramic tiles are notoriously easy to maintain – except when they get super-grubby. So how can you maintain your beautiful ceramic tile flooring and clean up even the most stubborn dirt?

  1. Sweep the entire floor. Using a vacuum attachment, suck up dirt that is along the edges or between the tiles.
  2. Using a manufacturer-recommended cleaner for ceramic tile and grout, mop the floor, using only enough cleaner to make the mop damp.
  3. For spots that are hard to get off, use a mild dishwashing detergent and warm water.
  4. Rinse the floor with straight water using a fresh bucket of water and a clean mop.
  5. Wipe up excess water.
  6. Dry the tile for a shiny look.
  7. If you have stains in your grout, use a grout marker to paint over the blemishes.

If the thought of wielding a mop or steaming machine makes you break out in a cold sweat, give the professionals at BCS a call at 801 561 1730. We’ll have your floors spruced up for you in a jiffy, with not a mop-bucket in sight!

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