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Winter in Park City, Heber and Utah in general is a glorious time. The mountains come into their own with glittering snow-frosted vistas just begging to be played on. But while the snow and ice look like a fairytale outside, come winter your carpets start telling a different story. Tracked in snow, mud, salt and pet hair wreak havoc under your feet. 

Pets.  We love ‘em.  But the mess they make….not so much.  Here’s our simple, 4-step process for removing salt stains from your carpets.

1 – Pour 3 percent hydrogen peroxide on the stain (check for color-fastness first) and cover with a white towel.

2 – Hold a hot steam iron on the towel for 15 to 20 seconds to transfer the stain to the towel. 

3 – Repeat until no more stain is transferred. 

4 – Cover with a  clean white towel and something heavy. Leave overnight to dry. 

If the marks refuse to listen to reason, it’s time to call in the big guns at BCS. We’ll have your carpets spit spot (without the spots) in a jiffy.  Give us a call today at 801 561 1730.

Solar panels are fairly rugged beasts, built to stand up to the rigors of Utah’s elements. But even these exquisite, planet-saving pieces of engineering have their limits. 

Here are three cleaning methods NOT to use when cleaning your solar panels:

1 Hard Bristle Brushes

While a soft brush with flexible bristles can be one of the best ways to clear debris from your solar panels, a hard bristle brush will scratch and even severely damage the delicate wiring hiding just below the surface. 

2 Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are fantastic bits of machinery in their own right, but combined with solar panels, they make for an expensive disaster. The sheer pressure of the water can absolutely ruin your solar panels. Keep pressure washers to garage doors and house exteriors and use gentler methods on your solar panels.

3 Strong Cleaning Fluids

While you might think solar panels, being built for exterior living, are impervious to strong chemicals, they are actually much more susceptible to etching and damage than you might think. The only chemicals that should ever make contact with your solar panels are plain old water and boring standard dish soap.

If your solar panels need a spruce up, give the solar panel experts at BCS Cleaning Utah a call today at 801 561 1730.

Solar panels may seem hardy because they live outside all year under the blazing elements, but in reality they are delicate creatures with a sensitive surface that can be damaged rather easily.

Strong cleaning fluids and chemicals can easily damage the glass panels and significantly reduce their energy-gathering and storing capacity.

The best solution for cleaning your solar panels is good old dish soap (yes, for dishes – that’s not a codeword for ‘industrial strength cleaning’) and warm water. Dish soap is gentle enough that it won’t damage the surface but its emulsifying prowess allows it to lift off and remove dirt from the solar panel’s surface.

Solar panels are delicate creatures and need careful, informed care and maintenance to keep working at their best.

If the thought of climbing up there to scrub at your solar panels leaves you flat, give the pros at BCS a call today at 801 561 1730. We’ll be up the ladder and polishing up your solar panels in a jiffy!

The simple answer is: it depends on the brush.

If you’re using a soft brush with very flexible bristles along with soapy water, this is actually one of the best ways to clean your solar panels. The soft bristles won’t damage the surface, and the addition of soap and water reduces friction even further, along with emulsifying any dirt that gets scrubbed free.

So if you’re using a soft brush with water and soap, go at it – we give it a big thumbs up.

If the brush in question has firmer or (heaven forbid) rigid bristles and/or you’re not using soapy water, the answer is a resolute no. The brush alone can damage the surface of the solar panel, and even when used with water, it still has the potential to scratch or cause damage to the sensitive outer layers.

Solar panels are delicate creatures and need careful, informed care and maintenance to keep working at their best.

If the thought of climbing up there to scrub at your solar panels leaves you flat, give the pros at BCS a call today at 801 561 1730. We’ll be up the ladder and polishing up your solar panels in a jiffy!

If you’ve ever watched some of those gloriously satisfying YouTube videos showing people removing dirt with a pressure washer, you’ll understand the appeal.

This fabulous piece of machinery makes some serious cleaning jobs an absolute breeze. And their high pressure means you can reach great heights and distances with them.

So should you use all this convenient power and cleaning ability on your solar panels?

The short answer (after we’d finished hyperventilating at the thought) is no. Never. Absolutely not. If anyone suggests it, send ‘em packing immediately.

Pressure washers are absolutely unrivaled at cleaning exterior surfaces, including the roof and gutters (now there’s an idea!), but they should simply never be used on solar panels.

The sheer force the system uses to jet the water out of the nozzle can shatter, break and totally ruin your solar panels, leading to a hefty replacement cost.

So, tempting though it may be, we absolutely don’t recommend using a pressure washer to clean your solar panels.

If the thought of climbing onto your roof and gingerly rootling about with a sponge turns you into a quivering mass, we get it. That’s why solar panel owners trust the experts at BCS to keep them sun-soaking ready. 

Give the Utah pros at BCS a call today at 801 561 1730 to schedule your solar panel cleaning treatment.

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